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Unfortunately we do not run political ad campaigns.

At Advantage Digital Mobile Advertising, we prioritize providing a positive and inclusive advertising experience for all of our clients. In order to maintain this commitment, we have made the decision to not accept political ad campaigns.


Politics can often be a divisive topic, and we believe that our platform should be a space where businesses can promote their products and services without the potential for controversy or polarization. By focusing solely on commercial advertising, we can ensure that our clients' messages are received in a neutral and non-partisan environment.


We understand that political campaigns are an important aspect of democracy, but we believe that there are other platforms and mediums that are better suited for political advertising. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space for businesses of all sizes to thrive and connect with their target audience.


By not accepting political ad campaigns, we can maintain a positive and harmonious advertising environment, allowing our clients to focus on promoting their products and services to a wide audience. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you on your non-political advertising campaigns.

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